Honeysuckle Jasmine Candles

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And then the honeysuckles bloomed...

What does the scent of honeysuckle mean to you?  Sweet summer memories, picking honeysuckles and marveling at their sweetness - in disbelief that the tiny drop of nectar could be so delicious.  Thinking that maybe if we gathered ALL the honeysuckles we could find, we could squeeze them enough to make a dessert.  Trying to figure out which piece of the flower actually tasted good - did it actually taste good? or did it just smell delicious?  Did someone plant these here or did Mother Nature just offer them to us as a summer gift?  Honeysuckles will always remind me of long, hot summer days in the 1980s and the Hollyberry pool and my parents backyard and bicycle baskets full of flowers.  For me - honeysuckles deliver the sweet scent of summer.

These Honeysuckle Jasmine gel candles from local artist Jenn Costabile are absolutely amazing.  Beach themed, complete with actual bubbles, these seascape candles are a work of art - even when unlit.  Gel candles burn clean, hold scent very well, and last about twice as long as a paraffin or soy wax candle. This is a 12 oz candle and will burn for approximately 60 hours. 

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