Fruit Loops scented Hand Poured Soy Candle

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Yummmm.  Do you remember way back in like 1985 when there were only about 5 good cereals to pick from?  We always had Cheerios & Captain Crunch, but sometimes my mom would go a little crazy and get a box of Fruit Loops for Saturday mornings.  Ahhhh - that magic moment when you rip open the box and the cereal is so fresh and that fantastic Fruit Loop scent fills up the whole kitchen.  With 5 kids in the house, the cereal didn’t last long, but that smell would linger for days.  Anyone who’s ever smelled it knows exactly what this candle smells like.  

Hand poured soy candles, infused with essential oils.  These candles are hand made by my daughter's 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Heather Thorpe.  They are fabulous candles - the scent lasts and lasts.  At our house, we remove the interior lid and use them as long lasting air fresheners before we burn them!  8 oz each.

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