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After my dad retired, he became dedicated to the art of bonsai. There was a monastery outside of Atlanta that he used to visit to buy new bonsai trees and learn the craft of bonsai-ing.  The Duffy family saying of “anything worth doing is worth overdoing” definitely applied to bonsai.  Within a few months, dad had acquired a back porch full of bonsai trees.  He would tie on his bonsai apron, hold those tiny bonsai scissors in his huge hands, and tend to those little plants like they were made of glass.  Pretty soon he also decided to incorporate Thai Chi into his daily bonsai routine - I think he thought performing for the little plants might help them flourish - .  While we all appreciated his search for inner peace and his passion for bonsai, none of us ever showed any interest in keeping the tradition going.  Unfortunately dad’s collection slowly dwindled away.  

Much to my surprise, a bonsai tree showed up on Finn’s 2020 Christmas list this year.  (Finn happens to be a copycat version of my father when he was 14)  This was an easy gift to check off Finn’s list and feels like a fitting tribute to my dad’s bonsai legacy.  Finn hasn’t had to do much to it yet, but I did find this tiny crab placed under it the other day.  A perfectly proportioned tiny crab that looks right at home under the extra long juniper branch.  

We also happen to be watching Cobra Kai right now, so in the spirit of my dad and Mr Miyagi, we offer this tiny bonsai crab.  Measuring just 2” across, it is the perfect size to sit under a bonsai tree.  He’s also small enough to sit on your desk or perfect for your kitchen counter or we can pop a magnet on the back for your fridge. 

I think Mr. Miyagi’s trees would have loved having a little crab move in.  And I think this post would have made my dad smile.  

While Finn’s bonsai tree in the picture is not included, we do hope this little crab might help you find your inner peace.  

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