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Once in high school (and a few times since) I walked face first into a sliding glass door.  

As if high school isn’t awkward enough - picture this scene.   It’s a small gathering of high schoolers.   I am inside the house getting ready to join the cool kids on the porch.   My unsuspecting, awkward self strides casually towards the glass sliding door.  My friend’s mom was a superb cleaner and had that glass door sparkling clean and streak free. All the cool kids on the porch look up expectantly, awaiting my arrival across the threshold.  Suddenly and without any hesitation, my face slams hard into that streak free glass, knocking me back a few steps, landing me on the cold hard floor.   The embarrassment was painful.  I can almost hear it.  As if in slow motion, I slowly looked up to see my friends laughing hysterically from the other other side of that streak free door.  This moment in time still gets mentioned from time to time.  It’s been 30 years. 

I have a simple solution to save yourself from a similar fate.  I implore you to please, please, please either a) stop washing your windows or b) attach one of these nifty screen bugs to your windows screen.  If possible, attach it about 5’5” off the ground (eye level) so that you will never, ever find yourself in this particular embarrassing situation.   High school is hard enough without adding “slamming face first into a clear glass door” to your list of accomplishments.  

Handmade by stained glass artist Amy Baxter, these screen bugs are perfect for hanging on screens, clinging to flower pots or just sitting around looking cute.  

Approximately 4” x 4”

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