Not Your Grandma’s Nativity Set

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Does anyone else remember waking up on December mornings and moving the little wise men one step closer to the manger? When I was about 8 I was tasked with this responsibility and took it 100% seriously. (As my sister Ann would say, anything worth doing is worth overdoing.) Every morning I would scramble downstairs and move those tiny wise men half an inch closer to that manger with the empty cradle. Our Baby Jesus was tucked away the whole season until he would magically appear Christmas morning. I always thought the little nativity scene looked a little sad without the baby Jesus in it. I can see now that they weren’t sad, but full of hope and anticipation and dreaming of better days ahead.


Not your grandma’s nativity set. It’s a slightly quirky, whimsical way to celebrate the reason for the season. This is the set your grandkids will all be fighting over some day. #familyheirlooms
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Includes:  Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 3 wise men, shepherd, manger, camel & cradle (baby Jesus has a magnet on his back so he can magically appear in the cradle on Christmas.  Of course you have to remember to move him there)

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