"She Could Feel The Ocean Fall and Rise" by Dan Campbell

"She Could Feel The Ocean Fall and Rise" by Dan Campbell

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We know the power of the mighty Atlantic.  Most days, she welcomes us with open arms. On those days we float lazily on the waves, we build sand castles and surf and fish and swim and watch the sunset. While we enjoy her on her calmer days, we know the ocean can get angry. Sometimes she gets furious, like a toddler raging out of control.  When Hurricane Isaias decided to make Oak Island the bull’s eye on her target, we all held our breath.  “Surely it will shift north,” we said.  “This will just be a tropical storm,” we said.  “It’s won’t be that bad,” we said.  Throughout the night, the Atlantic Ocean released her anger and the people of Oak Island woke to a devastating mess, with damage worse than any other hurricane since Floyd in 1998.  I think the ocean likes to remind us sometimes how powerful she can be.  Today the ocean is calm, with only a hint of rippling waves, and the angry, hard to pronounce hurricane is now part of our past.  

Dan Campbell’s “I Could Feel The Ocean Fall and Rise" seems an appropriate piece to feature post-hurricane.  In his words, 

“Another in my textured ocean series. Atypical ocean scene colors with copper, light blue violet, and shades of prussian blue and violet were my wandering colors in this one.

The title is from a fine old song about a fine girl, “Brandy” (1972) by Looking Glass.

“Yeah, Brandy used to watch his eyes
When he told his sailor stories
She could feel the ocean fall and rise
She saw its ragin’ glory…”

(30x48) original acrylic on canvas by Dan Campbell 



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